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Hi I’m Charmaine from Manila, Philippines. Welcome to my quarter-life crisis journey. I’m a software developer by profession and this is my passion project.


Why chamidiaries?

Chami was the nickname my classmate gave me when I was in high school. 

TVD is my all time favorite series. The Vampire Diaries! And Elena loves to write about her day in a diary. It became one of my favorite word, Diaries


I started blogging a couple of years ago when I was in college. It’s more of a personal blog and now I’m on my mid 20s and the stage of my “quarter-life crisis” started. I wanted to do something more so I made a new blog last June 2017. 😂

Formerly named “The Quarter-Life Crisis” is my public diary. A journey of my not so perfect quarter-life where I write about anything that I think is worth sharing. Including my travels, favorites, hauls, make-up/ skincare/ product reviews. Basically a more interactive and  informative blog.😁

I renamed it to Rose-colored Girl (2018), inspired by PARAMORE’s song Rose-Colored Boy and my IG handle (@rosecoloredskin)



I love Designing things. I’m fond of creating scrapbooks and cut-outs. I love creating infographs and illustrations of the products I’m reviewing. I personally love Canva for creating THE BEST PubMats for your convenience!

I’m a Shopaholic! SHOPPING gives me dopamine whether it’s online or physical shopping. It’s my stress reliever and SALE is my weakness. I live by the saying, “BUY IT NOW or REGRET IT LATER…”

I love to TRAVEL! ✈️ I’m an adventurous person. I love to swim/bike, skate, jump off cliffs/falls and climb mountains even though I’m afraid of heights. If you ask me, I prefer climbing mountains rather than swimming/snorkeling/diving because of my poor eyesight. Having a poor eyesight is a pain in the ass when diving (you can’t really see the view)! lol BTW I have 600+ grade. poor me 😦

I got obsessed with SKINCARE. I’m finding my way through my skincare and make-up essentials, 80% of my make-up are lippies! I have a dedicated account for my skin care and beauty diary in Instagram. Follow me! @rosecoloredskin  ❤️

I’m a potterhead! I’m a proud Hufflepuff and I value loyalty, hard work and fair-play. I also collect Harry Potter funko pops, books and HP merchandise 🙂

I’m a proud ARMY! Borahae,…. I’m a recent KPOP fanatic (2019). My ultimate bias is Jimin! baby mochi! 


  • I love wrapping gifts.
  • I love FLUFFY Blankets!
  • I love scents!
  • I’m obsessed with cute & witty notes / notepads. I think it’s because I love to write (on paper) rather than type it.
  • I HATE Cilantro! (This SHIT makes me throw up)

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading! 😘

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