Rom&nd Warm Tone Set!

Rom&nd Warm Tone set includes 3 products – Best Warm tints, Better than Eyes quad palette and Better than cheek.

To check your skin tone, you can try the vein technique. Check the veins on your wrist.

  • If you see blue or purple, you’re cool tone.
  • If you see green, then you’re warm tone.
  • If it’s in-between, you have neutral tone.

Reference to check if you’re warm or cool tone:

What Is My Skin Tone? Here's the Korean Way | The Klog
Image Credit: Hellomilja

My Skin tone: Warm to Neutral. I’m using the foundation Happy Skin Ready to Glow in Soft Beige.

Best Warm Tint



Juicy Lasting Tint. MLBB, Shade is red rose with a hint of pink on me.

#13 Eat Dotori

Juicy Lasting Tint. Shade is brownish red. Inspired by the color of brick acorn jelly. Also it looks like you’ve eaten a Tteokbokki!

#02 Joyful

Zero Velvet Tint. Shade is red orange. Looks very nice!

Side by side comparison:

I love Romand’s juicy lasting tints! I currently have 3 shades, Almond rose, Figfig and Nucadamia. (let me know if you want swatches!) Ever since the pandemic, I’ve been wearing mostly Romand tints! It’s a hassle free lippie that doesn’t dry out my lips. Smells fruity and nice. I like that it doesn’t look flat, it looks glossy but not too much. More of a juicy type I might say. Probably the downside is it transfers to my mask. It comes off easily when you eat specially those that have MLBB colors but it leaves stain on your lips specially the jujube and eat dotori colors.

Zero Velvet Tints, It glides smoothly on my lips. The joyful color looks really nice on me. I don’t usually go with orangey shades but this one looks good! I like how it can make my teeth look whiter too. It tends to dry out my lips though and it transfers, well , all velvet lippies are like that. I definitely want to try out other shades!

Where to buy: (ships worldwide)

Better than Eyes

Shade: 01 Dry Mango Tulip

  • 01 – Soft Coral
  • 02 – Romantic Tulip
  • 03 – Tulip Perfume
  • 04 – Mango Tulip garden

#MEBB (My Eyes but Better)

I’m a beginner who doesn’t even know how to do my own eye makeup. So this quad palette is a nice start for beginners like me. It didn’t take me that much of effort to create my own look! I love how they are pigmented, matte and easy to blend. The colors are very nice and flattering to my skin tone. I specially loooove the shimmer! (03 – tulip perfume) I’ve always dreamed of that korean makeup look with shimmers. Yeaaah, Living the dream! I’m glad I got to try this quad palette and will definitely keep an eye on Rom&nd products!

Where to buy: (ships worldwide)

Better than Cheek


Shade: 02 Peach Chip

#MCBB (My Cheeks but Better)

When you look at the model, you can really see the peach shade in the photo. But in my case, the color is really not that bright. In reality, you can see the peach color but in the photo it’s very faint.

Where to buy: (ships worldwide)

*products sent by StyleKorean, but thoughts are my own.

Final Look

Other Products used:

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