Holo Whitening Kit

I saw this from JL (@guy.skin) and at that time I was looking for a teeth whitening for my upcoming wedding. Having it done professionally is quite expensive and I don’t really have the budget for it. The wedding itself is expensive enough lol.

What’s inside the kit?

  • 4 Holo Pens
  • Holo Mouthpiece (uses LED technology — no harmful UV!)
  • Mouthpiece Protective Case
  • Adapters (Lightning, USB-C, Mini-USB, USB)
  • Shade/Color Guide
  • Instructions/Tips Booklet

They also have HOLO + or the extra strength pens that works faster than the normal ones. You can buy it separately from the kit. I did try them and I didn’t have problems using it. Just be extra careful not to apply the gel on your gums.

Where to buy?


How to use:

  • Use it before bedtime because after using it you’re not allowed to eat 30 minutes after.
  • First time using the pen, you have to twist it many times 🤣 I can’t remember how many times I twist it before the gel came out.
  • Brush your teeth and make sure to dry them before applying the gel.
  • Put a generous amount on your teeth up & down. Make sure that you don’t let the gel touch your gums.
  • Place the mouth piece. Make sure that it’s plugged on your phone. And then press the button. It will light up.
  • No need to time it as the device stops when its already 16 mins.
  • Wash your mouth & the mouth piece after use.


Tip: to prolong the life of your gel, keep it refrigerated! It has a shelf life of 24 months.

It took me a while to use this because the time I bought it, I had the worst mouth sores and my gums would bleed randomly. I hold off on using it because I was a bit scared. The toothpaste I was using somehow made my gums better. It was oral b gum & enamel repair. Definitely a game changer for me having random gum bleeds. Months of using this and I noticed I don’t have problems with my gums anymore.

My thoughts / Effects:

Before buying this I had a lot of questions and they were kind enough to answer all of it. I bought it last year for PHP 2999.00 I think it was their opening promo. I started using it on Jan 17, 2021, used it for 7 days straight and a couple of maintenance of once a week. You’ll feel a bit of sensitivity or “pangingilo” after using it but bearable. I did NOT experience any pain or heat when using the device. As I mentioned before I believe I had prep my gums for this hahaha.

After 7 days of using it I still drink coffee and I did eat tteokbokki & jajangmyeon! OMG I love korean foods okay! I didn’t change my habits after using it and I don’t see problems with it.

Happy to say that I didn’t have any bad effects using it. It’s safe to use based on my experience. I find it easy to use and YES your teeth definitely whitens. . I was a 7-8 and now I’m 4-6. See my annoyingly ugly teeth as proof. 🤣 The cons I would say is that it only whitens your current teeth shade, It doesn’t even it out. As you can see I have yellowish teeth on my canine than on my front/ incisor teeth. Both photos were taken using a fuji cam. AFTER is under sunlight though, sorry I only have photos taken indoors for the BEFORE 🤣. The AFTER photos are not edited. 😘

AFTER (ABOVE PIC: 2/17 – 1 month after)

It’s still up to you if you want to try it. For me it did work. If you have the money to have your teeth professionally whitened then do so. If you think you have sensitive gums then I don’t recommend you use it. But If you do decide to try it, you can use my code “CHAMIDIARIES” for P500.00 off. I do get commissions for every kit purchased. 😘

3/18 Review Update

SELFIE taken last 3/8. No camera filter 😍

I got to try the holo+ pens longer and I must say, they work faster than the pens included in the kit. I did see a great difference when I tried the holo+ pens and they are just for my maintenance. Once a week sometimes, 1 every 2 weeks.

A little Backstory:

This is not a paid ad or whatsoever. I bought the kit with my own money. Got it around Feb 2020, introductory price because they are fairly new. They were just kind enough to give me an affiliate code! Thanks so much guys!

If you have questions, you can message me on my instagram @rosecoloredskin

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