#PantryPorn: Where to buy IG-worthy containers?

Last year, time stopped and the months just flew in. 90% of the time, we’re just at home quarantined. What a way to make use of your time than to fix your room and organize your stuff!

I watched The Home Edit on Netflix and I was hooked in organizing stuff in my condo. It’s super therapeutic to see how nice & organized your room can be. And that started my obsession in organizing, decanting and labelling. I found a store which sells top of the notch labels and kitchen/pantry/bath containers! Are you excited to have an Instagram-worthy kitchen/pantry? Read on!

I found MAYFAIR & CO on instagram and I immediately fell in love with their account! I’ve been stalking their account before I finally gave in to buy HAHA. Definitely worth it! #PantryPorn at its finest. I’m a newly wed & we recently moved to a new condo last year. I only have few spices but I really wanted to spice up my kitchen/pantry. Having an IG-worthy kitchen just makes you wanna cook all day. (Even if I don’t really cook a lot HAHA – working on that!)

You can check out their website at https://mayfairhome.co/ . They have categories for kitchen/pantry, bath, cleaning/gardening etc. What I love about their store is their label studio! I can attest to the quality of their Labels! It’s thick & waterproof. You can also personalize your labels like putting Casa Chamrell, Chami’s Kitchen, Chami’s Home. Just don’t forget to tick on “Personalize with your name?”. Do expect that the delivery will take longer than usual because they make the labels! Last December, my orders came after 12 days. So if you’re planning to have them as a gift, order them earlier.

Here’s my Mayfair Family picture!

SYDNEY Scandi Minimalist Stackable Organizing Bins
  • Koko Krunch – 1.5L / Label – (Minimalist, Color: Latte)
  • Cookies – 1L / Label (Minimalist, Color: Linen)
  • Store Link

when you buy the containers, it comes with free labels. These are air tight containers as I don’t see my snacks getting “MAKUNAT” / tensile.

TUSCANY Artisan Acacia Jars
  • Coffee- 500ML/ Label (Minimalist, Color: Linen)
  • Brown Sugar – 500ML / Label (Minimalist, Color: Linen)
  • Lid is a pull-out not twist type.
  • Store Link

when you buy the containers, it comes with free labels. I would say these are air tight because I use it for my sugar and so far there are no ants.

 Marrakech Artisan Acacia Spice Jars 120ML
  • Bay Leaves
  • Black Pepper Whole
  • Iodized Salt
  • Label (Minimalist, Color: Linen)
  • 120ML
  • Store Link

when you buy the containers, it comes with free labels.

Note: when you buy these, make sure you have enough space in your kitchen as this is a bit of bulky for spices. If you have small kitchen space, I don’t recommend this.

Chelsea Glass Decanters with Gold Metal Pump
  • Hand Soap
  • Label (Classic, Color: Noir/Linen)
  • 500ML
  • Store Link

When you buy the containers, it comes with the free labels.

Their customer service is great! I had a defective pump which I informed them via Instagram and they immediately sent a replacement.

Note: The pump is not that strong. The plastic pump, dispenses more product and is easier to pump than the metals ones. For dishes I do recommend buying the plastic pump.

Labelling STUDIO

You can order separate Labels too! They have a Label Studio ranging from small to large. You can also request your own customized labels, just message them for the quote!

I also bought USE BY DATE stickers for P95.00

Store Link here.

Alternatives :

Acacia Spice Canister 210 ML (bigger)
  • Sesame Seed – 210ML
  • I found a shop that sells a bigger version of the acacia spice jars. See the pic for the difference.
  • Price: P290.00
  • Available in Shopee
Sicilly 5 Set Canister
  • 5pc set which includes: 1pc 425ml, 2pcs 1L, 1pc 1.5L, 1pc 2L
  • They are pretty much the same as Mayfair’s Sydney containers but the lid of Mayfair’s is sturdier.
  • Price: P1500.00
  • Available in Shopee
Amber bottles


There are a lot of Shopee alternatives that are cheaper. I do recommend buying from there and then ordering your Labels in Mayfair. They are worth it.

That’s it! Happy Decanting and Labelling!

If you have questions, you can message me on instagram or comment here 🙂

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