Innisfree TRUECARE Skin Care line

TRUECARE, capturing pure benefits for skin concerns. This line was developed for skin that responds easily to environmental changes or small irritations to effectively address skin concerns with a safe and effective formula.

  • TRUE formula – essential ingredients are carefully selected.
  • TRUE effect – contains potent active ingredients to address certain types of skin concerns.
  • TRUE ingredients – transparency to all ingredients used.

TRUECARE Non-nano Sunscreen SPF 48 PA+++

This physical sunscreen is formulated safe for sensitive & troubled skin. It’s free of harmful chemicals like alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulfates, parabens, silicones, PEGs and synthetic fragrances.

Non-nano means the size of the ingredients are larger than those of the skin so it doesn’t get absorbed by the skin and stays gentle.

Chami’s Experience:

Upon application, I felt how hydrating it is. I noticed on top of the ingredients list is water so that’s why. I love how blendable it is. It doesn’t tug when you spread it. The finish is dewy, which I prefer. It’s not sticky and does not feel heavy on skin. It sits well on makeup and doesn’t pill. What you’ll notice with innisfree products, they smell really nice. But this one, it doesn’t have a fragrance.

It’s an opaque beige color that looks like a BBcream/foundation. It mentions that it gives natural pink tone-up. The thing about sunscreens, you have to put as much as possible (2 teaspoons at least), but since this one has a tone-up/white cast, you’ll look like the grudge if you put too much. I mean I have a lighter complexion but once I’ve applied it on my forehead, I noticed immediately that it makes me white 🤣. It looks grayish on me so I try to put on my usual cushion on top and if I still look pale, I dab on some bronzer 🤣 A bit tedious I might say. It mentions that it’s beautiful to wear alone, I think yes if you have lighter complexion. Probably it was designed for Korean skin tone. So I don’t recommend this to those who have darker skin or what we call here, “Morena“.

I‘m mostly at home, but it’s always hot in the Philippines so I oil up a lot. I noticed that my face shines. With makeup it looks like a natural shine. It doesn’t say that it mattifies or helps in your oiliness but just to let you know. (For those who have oily skin)

What I like about it is that it’s blue light tested. Since we’re mostly indoors in front of our laptops & mobile phones, I like that I would still be protected.

Overall it would’ve been a great product other than the whitecast effect that I’m not that comfortable with.

It’s availabe in

Shopee,ph link here

TRUECARE Panthenol 10 Moisture Skin

We are all about Hydration! This Toner has mild formulation, it’s primary ingredient is Panthenol (10%), which is known to be a humectant. It attracts water to your skin, keeping it looking dewy and fresh.

Benefits of Panthenol:

  • Deeply Moisturizes/ Hydrates – it attracts moisture to the skin and holds water in the skin, allowing the skin to produce moisture and hydrate from within.
  • Anti-inflammatory –  works as a skin protectant that reduces itchiness and irritation caused by external stimuli.
  • Anti-Aging benefits – improves the function of the skin’s protective barrier, thus reduces water loss.
  • Reduces scars – promotes wound healing and formation of new tissue & speeds up natural restorative processes of your skin.

REF: Panthenol ; Benefits

Notable Ingredients: Panthenol, Citric Acid.


For over 6 month’s I’ve been stuck at home. I admit I rarely do my skincare routine. My skin has been craving care lately and is dehydrated. This toner came in the right time. I’m in need of a hydrating toner that can help bring back moisture & strengthen my skin barrier. This has a huge amount of Panthenol at about 10%. It’s recommended for dehydrated oily skin.

It mentions that it has a light texture, I agree on this. It’s watery & is easily absorbed by my skin. It has no scent and is non-sticky too! I tried layering it up to 3 layers, it will feel a bit sticky when layered but not heavy. BTW I have oily skin. I don’t usually layer them, I just want to try it. I use it after cleansing or if I’m using an AHA, after the actives. I don’t use cotton as I want to pat it on my face directly. I normally do that with hydrating toners. This toner feels hydrating and lightweight! Just right for my skin! There was one time I didn’t put on moisturizer after this and I still woke up to a plump skin. I would say, this toner is a win for me.

Currently on SALE on for only Php 782.00 / $15

Shopee link here.

I would say grab the opportunity while it’s on SALE, the bottle contains 250 mL worth of product so it’s a good deal for me.

Genji and the minis

Let me share a funny story about the minis. I was about to wash my face so I removed my glasses, I grabbed the little tube that looks like a face wash without reading it. While putting water and rubbing in the product, I noticed that it didn’t bubble up well. But I did spread it on my face thinking probably it’s like an oil based cleanser and continued washing it with water. I checked the tube and it says CREAM! I was laughing my ass off thinking it’s probably an oil-based cleanser. Well in my defense they look the same to me. LOL

Dropping in some #MASKFIE , Stay Safe & Healthy!!!

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