I won an all-expense paid trip to South Korea!

Have you ever joined a giveaway and dreamt of being the grand prize winner? We all do, right? Never in my life did I imagine, that I will win a trip to Seoul. And here I am, writing this blog post to share my journey!

It all started with… my winning moment (A blog post I wrote on my winning moment…)

Just a quick background of how my Life was at that time. I was recently engaged last March 12; dreamt of this for so long coz ya know, I’m not getting any younger. Won this trip March 22 and then there was my birthday, March 23. Super thankful with everything even though it was so overwhelming.

God blessed me with so much that I started to doubt if I really deserved all of this. “When it rains, it pours.

Out of all the excitement and happiness I was feeling, a part of me was so anxious. What if my visa or my fiance’s will not be approved; will I travel alone? Can I do it by myself? (I’m really bad with directions.) Will the brand/team like me? What should I say? Should I bow when I greet them? Ommo.. These questions made me so stressed. Good thing their latest trip to Seoul giveaway comes with a plus one.

Hello Maggie! If you’re reading this I was so nervous tooo!!! 

Filipinos are accustomed in bringing some pasalubongs (souvenirs) when we go to places. I made sure I bought some local gifts for the team to try. Of course, I brought a miniature jeepney (our official transportation in PH), some butterscotch and dried mangoes. We have the best mangoes in the Philippines!!

We exchanged calls and emails to plan everything. Our visa request were expedited so we would be able to go to Korea before the Holy Week. This was the part in which I was so anxious about. I’ve been hearing stories of visas not getting approved if the date of the flight is too close. We’ve managed to collect all visa requirements. Oh did I mention that the “all expense paid” flight and tours was only for me. So we personally shouldered my Fiance’s expense.

Me and my Fiance in Nami Island

Our visas were approved in just 2 days!  From there, me and my fiance planned our itinerary and tours, booked a hotel and rented wifi. I even bought clothes (mostly coats, warmers) because I know it’s gonna be cold. And boy I was not mistaken! It was rainy when we got there so it was sooo cold. I had like 3 clothes on me but I’m still cold. Well, I live in a tropical country so I’m not used to that.

April 9-14 – My Trip

Visas approved, luggage packed, vacation leaves approved, everything’s all set. We were sooo excited! The Axis-Y tour is only for 2 days but they allowed us to extend so we can tour more places.

Chami’s AXIS-Y Itinerary

DAY 1: April 11

first meetup

I took a train to their headquarters near Mullae station. Tomas sent me a step by step on how to load & use a t-card. I was greeted by the team and they gave me a bouquet of flowers. It was sooo sweet! As we were having a quick chat in their office, Gina made me a Korean name, Seonmi. I love it!

The AXIS-Y Team
Founder of Axis-Y, Maggie
Cherry Blossoms Festival @ Yeuido Park

The weather was nice! It was raining when we arrived in Korea but during our two-day tour, the sun shined so bright. It was the right amount of cold and heat, just perfect!

So Yeong and Tomas

This was our attempt to make AXY hahaha for AXIS-Y but it turned out as  YXA lol! First up, we went to Yeuido Hangang park and took pictures at the I SEOUL YOU.

My first korean snack was a red bean flavored fish bread. It tastes good and hot! haha

We walked along the park to see more cherry blossoms. Seeing them in person is such a dream come true! I remember having this on my bucket list and here I am walking along the falling cherry blossoms. It feels like I’m on a Kdrama! It’s such a pretty scene! I can cry of happiness.

buffet LUNCH!

We went to a buffet place. There was a line so we decided to stroll around and went to Olive Young. I ate a lot of Korean dish but I forgot what it called. I wasn’t able to take pictures too because we’re so busy talking about which dishes to try. While we’re eating, the team was teaching me Korean! I’m so bad at it, I always forget.

It was my first time eating the black-bean noodle, Jajangmyeon. (My fiance’s fave Korean dish) It was good but I like Korean dishes with red-bean paste more. Hahaha. I wish we could stay longer though so I can eat more but we have a schedule to follow.

Kyobo Book Store – KPOP STORE

On our way to Gyeongbukgeong palace, they surprised me with a detour to a music store. I mentioned that my fiance is a huge KPOP fan. He loves Twice! I love BlackPink. We both love Bigbang and ITZY. We dropped by Kyobo Book Store Gwanghwamun to check out some KPOP albums.

Gyeongbokgung palace

So off to our next adventure. To my palace! LOL. We rode a taxi to Gyeongbokgung palace.

First, a princess must be equipped so we went to the habok rental. Unnie explained to me what dress to look for based on my height. And I only get to have 2 fittings. There are dresses labelled specifically for petite and tall. (It depends on the length of the dress) I spotted a dress immediately! It was colorful which I think suits me well because I love bright colors. I heard a foreigner girl saying she loves my dress! Thanks hahaha, I do tooo!!! Getting dressed is a whole new experience for me. There’s a lot going on. Let’s just say you can’t dress & undress yourself, you need someone to do it for you. So I was thinking, ahhh this is how princesses/queens felt before!

The palace and dressing up was my favorite part! I love how the dress made me feel. It felt ROYALTY! lol. Haiiil Princess Seonmi! But I won’t forget the time I was scolded by Ahjussi because I wore a shoe somewhere inside steps in the palace. Of course I didn’t understand what he said but I can tell he’s mad. lol I really have no idea, sorry.

The palace is huge, I wasn’t able to see the all of it but everyone’s tired so we decided to pack up and head to Myeongdong.

chicken and beer at myeongdong

Party time! We had chicken and beers. The chicken are delicious! What I love about Korea is their concept of side dishes, they are soooo generous! Some are unlimited too. Tomas made us a drink which is called “first bitter, then sweet”. So basically you need 3 glasses, 2 shot glass and 1 beer glass. The first shot glass contains coke. on top of it is another shot glass with soju. Then you fill the big glass with beer. Love the drink but it’s quite strong since you have to drink everything together in just one shot. You can easily get drunk. hahahaha.

I told my fiance to come and meet me at Myeongdong. He met the Axis-Y team and we strolled around. Day 1 was a great experience, being with the team feels like I’ve known them before. They are easy to get along with and I felt very comfortable.

DAY 2: April 12

So day 2 started a bit off. I was so embarrassed because I was late. I arrived an hour late because I overslept. MY GOSH I’M SO SORRY GUYS!


We had a 10:00 AM skin clinic appointment so that’s the first thing we did. I never experienced facials in derma clinics before so it’s funny that my first session will be in Korea. I heard that Aqua peels are very popular for Korean women. During the session, Unnie was not talking that much probably because of the language barrier so I’m not really sure what kind of product she’s putting on me. But for some, I get what it does. She placed tissues soaked on probably BHA on my t-zone and chin. And a lot of essence I’m not sure what. Then on to the aqua peel machine. It felt like the tube is sucking all the gunk on my pores. It doesn’t hurt too although I have an active pimple on my chin. My skin felt clean in years. I love the face mask! I wish I asked what sheet mask she used lol. It’s super hydrating. I think it would be better if the process like ingredients, steps were explained so I can learn a lot from it. It didn’t do much on my active pimple because on the next day, it’s still painful. But for my whiteheads & blackheads, it cleared up. A fresh new face!

dak galbi lunch

LLet me just saaay I loove the rice and noodles with cheese on it. This is what I miss most in Korea, the legit DAK GALBI experience. Sad that I forgot the name of the restaurant where we had this. But it’s just around Hongdae.


We had time to stroll around Hongdae street. I ate a very tall ice cream which they claimed as 32cm. Ahjussi is very good in twirling the sundae! Amazing skills. Hongdae is said to be a student area because it’s close to the universities. So it’s common to see a lot of students busking on streets. I’m glad to see students performing in the area. What caught my ears was… they were playing my favorite song! Eyes, nose and lips by Taeyang. Hearing it live was so nice. I just had to take a video of it. I mentioned that I wanted to visit the Harry Potter Cafe and we did! I had my picture taken outside with the cart. And then we went for dessert in a gelato place! I got the dark chocolate flavor. Then off back to the headquarters for some makeover!

make-over at axis-y headquarters

It was the first time I tried their products. So yeong used the toner and ampoule on me and did a make-over. I’m not used to full make-up and stuff because I don’t use it. Normally I just use lipstick, concealer and eyebrow pencil and I’m good.

skin care chit chat

After the makeover, Maggie, Tomas and I had time to talk a lot about skincare, community, the brand, products and plans. How the brand was founded, what’s the brand inspiration and some personal stuff. Talking to them felt warm like I wasn’t intimidated. Like I was just talking to my friends. I was not prepared to ask questions! I should’ve prepared myself too. lol I forgot to ask Maggie why she named it AXIS-Y. Saddest part was the goodbye. They gave me a lot of products to take home and even to host a giveaway. We had some group pictures, goodbye hugs and I got to take home some Korean snacks c/o Tomas. Thank you Leo for the ride back to the metro!

Just some tips for the next winners, chill, you are in good hands. Take a lot of pictures and videos! I didn’t take that much because I want to enjoy the moment and we have a photographer/videographer with us. Prepare to ask a lot of questions too! Get to know them, the brand, and their products.

axis-y headquarters

The team is very welcoming. They are a mix of different nationalities! Which is soo cool. The office is so nice. Love the aesthetic of the studio, the tiffany blue color gives it life

Kamsahamnida, Axis-Y Team

March has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. 2019 is really my year, I’m claiming it. From the bottom of my heart, Maraming Salamat for having me. I really appreciate your efforts in getting to know me, the community and hosting this kind of giveaway. Without the support of the skincare community, I wouldn’t be able to experience this kind of once in a lifetime opportunity. All love for you guys! From the 2 days we spent together, it was really fun and I hope it was longer!

It was really a dream come true for me. South Korea will always have a special place in my heart. And I will definitely go back, probably on our honeymoon next year. Let’s meet and let me know what snacks you want me to bring again!

As I mentioned before, I have faith in your brand that you’ll go big. And seeing you guys grow now, with the back to back releasing of new products and re-sellers from around the world. I know you are well-loved by the community. I’m so happy and proud of all your accomplishments. Aja! Fighting! I miss you all.

Love, Seonmi

Sharing some of the photos me and my Fiance had on our trip!

chamrell goes to south korea

And here’s my full review of their TONER and AMPOULE:

A video clip of my trip:

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    You transported me to Korea! Such a wonderful experience for you. One lucky gal 🙂

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      Yaaas super lucky! Thank yoooou Chi!!! 😘♥️


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