The Team behind Skin Cares PH

It all started in a meetup requested by Raffy. She’s from Iloilo and was visiting Manila so she planned to meet some of her skincare friends here in Manila. It’s cool because it’s the same day as Skincare Community Day (5.5), May 5! We had so much fun that we wanted to meet again but now with more people hence the 7.7!

5.5 Meetup at Mall of Asia (5/5/2019)

The Dream Team

I would like you guys to meet the team behind the success of the #ABCommunityPH77 (Asian Beauty Community) event. A group of friends who love skincare. 

The dream team that turned into a family.


This crazy girl is from Iloilo so imagine her being in the 7.7 meetup! She flew all the way from Visayas to Manila just to see us all. The 5.5 meetup was for her and if it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t be able to plan a grand meetup that was supposed to be just a simple event. She is in-charge of energizers and games for the event to make sure everyone will enjoy. Thank you Raffy for the pasalubongs. More butterscotch plsss lol. I love the cream horn.

Xeng @skinlikebella

Our Executive Commitee Head. I knew this girl way before because we had our collab giveaway with Glenda. (#RSGGiveaway) and plus she’s an org mate of my sister in UP. Her expertise in documentation lead the team into being so professional and organized. From the proposals, statements, surveys, finance, forms and the program. Thank you Xeng, ComRes represeeent!!! Also, the floor director of the event who manned the laptop.

Luna @sparklesandnargles

So proud of this girl! Conquered her anxiety and even hosted the event for us. She made all the write ups for the brands and braved all the meetings with the sponsors. Most of the sponsorship was from her! Also in charge of the communications with brand sponsors, making sure that all questions and doubts are answered. To the head of the sponsorship committee, we salute mumsh! Thank you also to Jin for being her sidekick in all the meetings. For taking care of the team and assisting in any way he can.

Lee @mrsleecabrera

External Affairs Head! Ang nanay ng 9 boss charot! hahaha. Thank you Lee for letting us voice our concerns and being like a mother to the team. For manually doing all the QRs for all tickets, and for always being present at meetings with sponsors. Thank you for all the prints! She’s very hands-on in running our page & instagram account, sending emails to ya’ll and replying to all your dms and questions. PS thank you to your “Sheets” sister for driving all the packages and also in helping us setup the table! Kaloka yung table lol

Chi Chi @ms.chichitiu

A.K.A. Anne Clutz of the abcommunity! Our event specialist. She’s not in the 5.5 meetup but on an event that Luna & Lee attended, they met Chi and immediately she was part of the team! Glad she did because almost all suppliers were from her. From printing, id laces, boards, flower wall, sounds/lights and so much more! We’re so thankful to have her. Chi and Ryan’s effort in running errands are so much appreciated. PS: Thank you Ryan for categorizing the IDs alphabetically.

Momo @yourporeguy

Dubbed as Sexbomb Momo! The quirkiest of the team and Mr. early bird. All meetups & meetings are so much fun when he’s around. His photography skills and video editing skills are the bomb! He created all teaser videos that you see in our stories. And also our post office guy where most of the products are shipped. Thank you Momo! He is also part of the energizer and games which we all know made the event so much fun. What you don’t know is that he’s a great singer LOL.

Tesh @bloomingpixie

My beshie! Tesh is Lalab’s schoolmate in college and we got closer because of the community when she was inspired and created her own skincare account. A very pretty girl and kind too! She’s in charge of the photobooth supplier and my partner in the registration booth. She also shared her calligraphy skills by personally creating names for all our attendees including the organizers. Thank you Tesh for all your efforts!

Nat @natskincarediary

Queen of PRs! Nat’s charm gave us a lot of sponsorship for the event. One of which was Dalnara. Did you know that Brandon of Dalnara and his guests booked all the way from Korea to be part of the event. Just for a day, imagine that! Our host in the event together with Luna! Thank you so much Nat for your efforts in braving the customs and reporting all the details in a teleradyo way LOL. We love listening to your talks hahahaha. Also, thank you letting us hitch on your ride. PS although you’re always late, we forgive you. lol

Chami @rosecoloredskin —-> me lol

Tagged as the graphic artist of the team but honestly I’m just an IT girl who loves to do art stuff. I was in charge of all the publicity materials. From our logo, brochures, poster, ig posts, ids, certificates and a lot more. I also manned our registration booth together with Tesh. Thank you team for letting me share my creative juices.


kozikozi / rrkoreanshop warehouse | june 9, 2019

Their Unli Pork is one of the best Sangyupsal I’ve tried. The meat is thick and yummy! Hindi tinipid mga mumsh.

Eleazar’s Cafe | June 28, 2019

I love their Milk tea! Must try – Okinawa & Tiger MT.

photobooth photos – 9 boss
The Dream Team

To the team, I love you faaam. It was just 2 months ago when we first met in person. And now we’ve turned into a family who got each other’s back. We started with nothing and look how far we’ve come. So proud of what we’ve accomplished (slow clap!) Working day and night, it was never easy juggling our daily work and doing event errands. But in the end, it was all worth it seeing and hearing everyone’s feedback.


What kind of event do you want next? Comment down below!

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  1. Xeng says:

    awwwww. love you chamiiiii!!!! commres riprizint! thank you for being in this with us! sabi nga ni buzz, to infinity and beyond! haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chamidiaries says:

    Labyutooo mumsh!!! ♥️♥️♥️


  3. Chichi Tiu says:

    I literally had goosebumps while reading this blog. Thank you so much Chami! Love you to pieces! All for the ABCommunityPH and the SkinCaresPH Team! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chamidiaries says:

      Nagreminisce ba yung moments! Hahahaha. Thank you din! Labyu 9 boss!!! 😘♥️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chichi Tiu says:

        Yaz!!! One of the best memories of my 2019! 🙂


  4. Nikki says:

    You guys are the best!!!!!😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chamidiaries says:

      Thank you Nikki!!! And also thank youuu for your very informative taaalk!! ♥️♥️😘


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