Starburst Body Frosting

I’ll be featuring a local brand. They are cruelty-free and is made of organic ingredients. They are called RRAW! And this is the first product I purchased from them, a Body Frosting. Sound interesting, right?

What is it? ⁣
A body scrub/body polish/whipped soap rolled into one!⁣

It is an in-bath lotion that starts with a scrub then turns into a creamy luxurious lather.⁣

I do recommend to patch-test this before applying it all over your body. This did not irritate my skin but we all know each skin is different. YYMV (your mileage may vary) What works for me may not work for you, vise versa.

Scent: Apple pie, Honeydew, Melon, Sugar⁣

It has apricot seeds that doesn’t feel abrasive. I love how creamy it turns once rubbed in the body. And once washed, it doesn’t leave a film or greasy feeling. I always look forward to using this when I take a bath. This body frost is for those who are lazy in using lotions because this acts as a soap/lotion/body scrub. This can be used 3x a week as advised by rraw. Remember, If your face needs exfoliation to remove dead skin, your body needs it more!⁣

There are a lot of flavors to choose from but I’m so glad I picked a good one! Starburst is a fruity more on gummy yummy scent but not that sweet. It reminds me of childhood, eating starburst or frutella candy! I don’t like super sweet scents, I’m more of a fresh, green tea, clean notes. (Any recommendations for what flavor to try next?)⁣

Bought it from @conztalpica for ₱150.00 (50g). You could check her shop out! There are a lot of samplers to try from. If you’re not yet sure on what flavor to buy, try the samplers first.

In the site, they have surprise scrub sampler set which cost for
₱395. It includes (3) Body Frostings, randomly chosen. 
If your sure about the flavor, full size comes in a 150g for ₱349.00 🧡

Here’s an infograph of how to use it:

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