Where to shop for K-beauty online?

Who says you need to fly to Korea to be able to buy K-beauty stuff? Thanks to online shopping, everything is now within your reach with just a few clicks. I’ll be sharing my favorite shops where I purchase most of my skin care!

Here are the list of my trusted online stores:

1. Style Korean


Website: https://www.stylekorean.com/
App: None! But I hope they do create one.
Ships From: Korea
Delivery: 6-7 days for Manila Addresses.
Offers Free SF: Yes! For a minimum purchase of $40. (early 2020’s) sadly, as per checking this 2021 this increased now 😦
RATE: 4/5

What to look for:

  • For an international shipment, this is the fastest! This is the best kbeauty online store which has the fastest delivery based on my experience.
  • Your package is shipped directly to your house and without additional taxes to pay.
  • They host Great deals & SALE that you should look forward to. Time Deals for 80% off below, brands sale, monthly sale etc.
  • Kbeauty Boxes! They also have curated kits/ stylekorean boxes composed of different skin care minis and sometimes they include full size for only $9.99.
  • They host Try Me, Review Me’s. And they are super generous because it’s usually 4 full sized products.
  • You earn points every time you buy and create Reviews. You get 3% point back and $0.2 -$0.5 for every review
  • Affiliate Program. You earn 7% commission on all sales that you help them generate using your affiliate links. Check this link to know how to use my code.

I scored 4.5 because they don’t have an app yet! But if they do, its definitely a 5 for me.



For shipping I always pick EFS because I want to avail the free shipping for orders $40 above. The technique here is to group buy or what we call PASABUYS so you don’t need to spend a lot to get $40!

Available Shipping Details:


If you don’t want unnecessary service fees use DragonPay via Bank online transfers (Only available in the Philippines). There are no additional charges.

If your into convenience and doesn’t mind paying for additional fees, use your credit card or paypal. The currency they use is in dollars so they do the conversion and add some service fee for it. Fee varies from banks!

Here are some examples:

Citibank Credit Card Holders:
All charges made in foreign currencies will automatically be converted to Philippine Peso on the posting dates at the prevailing exchange rate determined by Visa/MasterCard. A fee of up to 3.525% will be imposed on the converted amount which represents our service fee and assessment fees charged by Visa/MasterCard.

BPI Credit Card Holders:
0.85% of the converted amount plus the Mastercard / Visa assessment fee of 1%, using the foreign exchange rate of Mastercard / Visa at the time the transaction is posted

BDO Credit Card Holders:
Assessment fee of 1% plus service fee of 1% of the converted amount based on the prevailing foreign exchange rate of BDO at the time of transaction.

Metrobank Credit Card Holders:
All charges, advances, or amounts in currencies other than Philippine Peso (PHP) shall be converted to PHP. All converted transactions shall be charged Mastercard/Visa’s assessment fee plus 2.5% processing fee, the rate of which may be adjusted from time to time. Service fees may also be charged to cover costs incurred to discharge the amount(s) due Mastercard/Visa and/or acquiring bank and/or foreign merchant affiliates.


StyleKorean Total: Php 2293.00 / $44

Here’s Paypal conversion:
They will ask how will you pay for the purchase, in peso or USD.
PESO = Php 2417.72
○ Paypal will convert your purchase to the current rate. (1 peso = 0.01820 USD)
USD = $44.00
○ Your card issuer will determine the currency conversion rate and what fees they may charge. Check your statement for the final amount.

You can use my Affiliate code here.


Althea is a digitally native beauty destination providing the latest Korean beauty products, trends and lifestyles to the world.

Website: https://ph.althea.kr/ and now available in SHOPEE!
Has an App: Yes, just search for ALTHEA
Ships From: Korea
Delivery: 1 week for Manila Addresses.
Offers Free SF: Yes! For orders Php999+ (They updated the Free SF to be Php1999+ since July 2019)
RATE: 4/5

Get 20 % off on your first order!

What to look for:

  • Giveaways! They host a lot of giveaways specially on their birthday month, July.
  • Your package is shipped directly to your house and without additional taxes to pay.
  • They love their fans! Every month, they award “Fan of the Month” to those who interacts the most and gives them althea credits.
  • Cute boxes! They have the cutest boxes wrapped in a pink plastic bag delivered straight to your doorstep! I really enjoy the special boxes they offer and some do it yourself cardboard boxes/minis. There are tines when I was tempted to buy just because I love their limited edition boxes. hahaha. Why not enjoy the thrill of unboxing right?
  • They have their own skincare line (which are great BTW) and the newly launched makeup line!
  • Althea Angels!It is group of ambassadors which are normally composed of content creators/influencers/youtubers. They send them products and goodies from their line for them to try and review. You can apply here.

They are now available in SHOPEE! Here’s my reco: A’Bloom Mask!

I scored 4/5 because there are some brands/products that I don’t see here.


Website: http://jolse.com/
App: Yes, just search JOLSE
Instagram: @cosmetic_jolse
Ships From: Korea
Offers Free SF: Yes, For orders $40+ (Free Standard Mail); For orders $150+ (Free Expedited Shipping)


  • Standard Mail – $2.5/Tracking
  • Expedited (EMS) – $22
  • DHL – $27 – $35

Payment Options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

For cancellation, you can contact their customer service via email. I’ve tried this and the refund for paypal will take effect immediately.

When you register, you’ll get a $3 credits that you can immediately use on your first order. They have great sales and promos which includes a time deal where a certain product is on sale for a period of time! They also host review events which they post on their Instagram account or you may check out the link here.

4. BeautyMNL

Finally, one for the Filipina. Their Shop, makes everything immediately accessible to you. They’ve partnered with makeup mavens, skincare savants, hair authorities, and so many other brilliant beauty magicians that you’ll definitely love. Their curated assortment of products lets you stock up on your beauty staples & some hard to find kbeauty stuffs.

Website: https://beautymnl.com/
App: Yes, just search for BEAUTYMNL
Ships From: Philippines
Delivery: Next day Delivery on Metro Manila Addresses
Offers Free SF: Yes! For orders Php 1500+
They host an Unlimited Free Shipping for the entire Month when you spend Php 3000 throughout last month.
RATE: 4/5

What to look for:

  • The Best on their Next Day Delivery! I really admire their next day delivery! Even when I ordered 11pm, I still receive the package yesterday afternoon. They also host unlimited free shipping during holidays. (December)
  • They host a lot of Flash Sales!
  • A lot of local stores! They sell makeups, skin care & wellness stuff to food!
  • They have COD (Cash on Delivery)
  • Partner Hubs for order Pickups. With 42 locations! If you live close to the malls or usually pass by them when going to school or office, this is your best choice.
    The BeautyMNL Partner Hubs are pick-up points all over Metro Manila where you can send your packages and retrieve them yourself. No shipping fee required!  For the list of hubs, you may refer to this beautyMNL’s blogpost.
  • Some Kbeauty products are a bit pricey here.

So why rate it 4? The last time I ordered 3 products, only 1 item was delivered. I noticed that it arrived later than the usual next day delivery! They informed me that some of the products I bought was sold out already and it was just an error on their system. The site/app says it has stocks so that’s not my problem. I sent them an email about my concern and ask for a refund. They were kind enough to grant my request. It was credited on my credit card after 3 days.

You can use my code CHAMI for a P100 off.


Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. 

Website: https://shopee.ph/
App: Yes, just search for Shopee
Ships From: Philippines / China / Korea / Indonesia
Delivery: 1-2 weeks (PH Address) 2 weeks – 1 month (Overseas)
Offers Free SF: Yes!
Via Free Vouchers
RATE: 5/5

What to look for:

  • Cheaper prices! Online stores/ re-sellers are found here so prices are cheaper. You can also search for the cheapest price but do mind if the store is preferred and if they have great reviews.
  • Shopee coins. They host quizzes, shopee shakes for you to earn points. They also have cashback coins vouchers that you earn when purchasing products. If you also rate a product, you get points too. These points are equivalent to 1 peso.
  • Delivery time varies! Just check if they are local based in case you’re on a rush. Some orders are shipped less than a week in metro manila. Orders usually arrives after a week or 2 – 3 weeks if international.
  • Shipping Fee varies! Unlike beautyMNL, the minimum spend varies per shop. So if you shop from 3 different shops, you need to pay for the SF for all different shops.
  • You earn points every time you buy. For every ₱100 worth of any single item, you will earn 1 Shopee Coin. Maximum of only 100 points per day.

Trusted Kbeauty/Makeup Stores in Shopee:

  • RR Korean Shop – Owned by Ms Renee. They sell almost every kbeauty products known (Skin Care, Makeup) – 3CE, even KRAVE Beauty! and recently they also have korean mart (foods)
  • The Skin Care Curator – Cosrx, Klairs, Leegeeham, Benton, Neogen
  • Sui Sui PH – Host a lot of SALE/deals (Axis-Y, Innisfree, Tia’m, Neogen, the Ordinary)
  • My Purple Cart – cheapest Elizavecca Bubble Clay Mask seller for Php 450.00
  • Skinkraves Korean Cosmetics – Lowest price of the cosrx cosmetic pad case (Baguio-based)
  • Getunreadywithme – a shop curated by my skincare friend Momo (@yourporeguy) korean & western skincare products (Krave, Inkeylist, Paula’s Choice, Versed)

6. Yes Style.com

YesStyle is the first online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products from Asia through their website YesStyle.com. Every season, YesStyle brings customers the latest trends along with thousands of items from brands across Asia.

Website: https://www.yesstyle.com
App: Yes – Just search for YesStyle
Ships From: Korea
Offers Free SF: Yes, For a minimum purchase of Php 2000.00 for a Standard Shipping. See more details below.

  • They have limited time deals too and great SALE!
  • Aside from Kbeauty, they also sell clothes, footwear and even home stuff.
  • Once you register, you’ll have a discount coupon of 10% right away.
  • They have an affiliate program (you can check it here)

7. Wishtrend

Wishcompany is a place where Beauty Explorers who are beautiful inside & out are gathered to promote reasonable consumption and healthy beauty.

Website: https://www.wishtrend.com/
App: None
Ships From: Korea
Offers Free SF: Yes, For a minimum purchase of $69+ for a Standard Shipping. See more details below.

8. Go Bloom & Glow

A Cebu-based online destination in the Philippines that offers 100% authentic Korean beauty products. Launched last May 2017, they aim to help our fellow Filipinos discover the wonders of Korean beauty.

They are the official distributor of HELLOSKIN JUMISO products in the Philippines

Website: https://gobloomandglow.com/
App: None
Shopee: Yes, they just launched it this January.
Instagram: @gobloomandglow
Ships From: Cebu/Philippines
Offers Free SF: Yes! For a minimum purchase of Php 2000+ via JRS

9. The Skincare Curator

A curated online boutique store that offers skincare products and advice to help you achieve the skin that you desire.

They are currently 20% off site wide until end of January!

Website: https://theskincarecurator.com/
App: None
Shopee: Yes, I bought here but via SHOPEE.
Instagram: @theskincarecurator
Ships From: Philippines
Offers Free SF: No, See Shipping Details below:

10. Kbeauty Café

They are Manila-based online shop that launched in early 2016 with the simple idea of sharing the wonders of Korean beauty to our fellow Filipinos.

Website: https://www.kbeautycafe.com.ph
App: None
Shopee: Yes, I bought here but via SHOPEE.
Instagram: @kbeautycafe
Ships From: Philippines
Offers Free SF: Yes, For orders Php 2500+, use code FREESHIP

They hosted ByWishtrend Pink Holiday Meetup where Eunice Cho visited the Philippines. (@euniunni)

You can use my code for a P100 off discount here.

11. Instagram Shops

  • @rrkoreanshop – biggest supplier of kbeauty! They have it all. Neogen, Krave, 3CE, even kpop stuffs!
  • @theglobetrottersph – Centellian24, COSRX, NACIFIC, KraveBeauty
  • @sunnyskinmnl – Korea skincare & makeup, samples
  • @skinkraves – Klairs, Cosrx, Isntree, Purito (baguio-based)

If you have more questions on how to order, shipping, payment, etc. Leave a comment below or DM me on my instagram (@rosecoloredskin) and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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