Blithe| Splash Mask Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey

Splash Masks are throwbacks to historic Korean beauty rituals. “In Korean beauty tradition, people used to splash and pat water onto the face repeatedly to mechanically cleanse”. They’re not really referred to as ‘splash masks’ in Korea, but rather as ‘patting masks’ or ‘patting packs.

Patting Water Pack – This helps transform your skin in just 15 seconds. A modern version of the Korean bath houses.

According to Glow Recipe, it is recommended that you use it once or twice a week. I personally like to use it in the morning to simplify my routine. I’m that “shit I’m late” person so I need my morning routines quick and easy! And did I mention that according to glow recipe, this product can replace your morning cleanser, exfoliator and even your toner. So when I use this, I follow it up with essence, serums and then my moisturizer.

Usingthis for the first time is a bit tricky. I was actually confused what is thisfor so I googled how to use it and it gave me a lot of ways. (check out myinfographics) On all of the how-tos, I prefer to use it in the shower. This isthe easiest and fastest way for me. What I do is pour a half cup and place iton my palms. (Don’t put a lot on you palms coz you’ll be wasting a great &expensive product!) Gently spread/pat it all over my face and then rinse offwith the shower water. You don’t need to wait for a while to rinse it off, youjust need seconds. The key is to dilute it immediately, most specially forsensitive skin. Don’t let it stay longer than what is recommended.

There issomething magical about this product that I’m not sure how it does it but loveyou Blithe Team! It makes my skin feels very smooth and soft more like a babyskin with just one wash. And yes, the results are immediate! I’m shookt! Soooothat’s why this product is so popular. It’s really worth the hype!  It’s not drying or stripling. It doesn’tsting or feels tingly at all. The scent is a bit strong though because it’sconcentrated but you’ll get use to it. Imagine bathing in this goodness, itmakes me wanna fly to Korea and experience their famous bath houses. I’mactually excited to try the calming version of this splash mask. I woulddefinitely repurchase this, worth that penny!

This is available at and retails for Php 2069.00 / $35.73 (currently on 10% off)

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