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Hi guys! I was selected to review a total of 4 products from SomebyMi by Style Korean.

  • Rose Intensive Tone-up Cream
  • H7 Hydro max Cream
  • AHA BHA PHA 30 days Miracle Toner
  • AHA BHA PHA 30 days Miracle Bar

My Skin Type: Oily, Acne-Prone

I want to start with my favorite, the Rose Tone-Up Cream.

Rose Intensive Tone-Up Cream

What is a Tone-Up cream?

It is a multi-purpose item, it acts like a primer, sunscreen, skincare & tone-corrector. Main function is brightening skin tone with an instantaneous effect and fight hyper-pigmentation & discoloration.

Tone-Up Creams have Titanium Dioxide / Zinc Dioxide, which can normally be seen in sunscreen to  improve the skin tone. It is not recommended to be used at night as it may clog your pores. Titanium Dioxide is 5th on its ingredients list.



  • Tone up your skin color naturally.
  • Provides an outstanding glow to the skin the moment you apply it.
  • Perfect for whiten, softening and moisturizing your skin.
  • Comes in Vitamin B12 for wrinkle prevention.
  • No artificial color and fragrance.
  • A whitening  toning that doesn’t need a surgical procedure
  • Rated as the most safe product in ingredients – can be used on all skin types, even on sensitive skin!

Main Ingredients

  • GluthathioneAs a whitening ingredient certified by the KFDA, it activates the metabolism process of the brown melanin of which gives an excellent whitening effect.
  • ArbutinProtects the skin and blocks the oxidation of its components thus helping maintain a healthy skin.
  • NiacimamideAs a whitening ingredient certified by the KFDA, it has an outstanding whitening effect.
  • Western Rose Water (70%)Excellent for the Whitening, Skin Softening & Moisturizing Effect. Gives an all day long moist & glowing skin. Instead of purified water , this tone up cream contains 70% of western rose water.
  • Vitamin B12Effective for wrinkle prevention, elasticity improvement and skin regeneration of which acts as a natural pigment and gives a pink color.

Suggested Use

At the last skincare step, apply the cream onto face and body parts, massage and pat gently for better absorption.




I am not fond of products that gives white cast specially on sunscreens and creams. So I was surprised myself that this has become my favorite from the brand. Based on what I’ve read on its claim, this product has so much good ingredients for whightening! (Glutathione, Niacinamide and Arbutin) Can you believe it? As it is dubbed, “A Whitening Toning that doesn’t need a surgical procedure!”.

I’m using this as my moisturizer followed by my sunscreen in the morning. When I use other moisturizers, I apply this on my under eye area for an instant brightening effect. You can also use this on your body like your elbows/knees. It has a very subtle rose scent which I super love, not overpowering. The cream has a semi matte finish but gives you a slight dewy effect (if you know what I mean) plus zero tackiness! (Yey! Says my oily skin) And its also makeup friendly – my cheek tint glides smoothly! Packaging wise, it looks super cute but I find it too tall. Its a bit hard to bring if you have a small makeup kit.

The first time I used it, I was wowed! The effect on me is so good that I look flawless & glowy. I mean naturally glowy for an oily skin. It didn’t made me oil up that much probably because of my shift (Afternoon-Midnight) and I’m usually at an air conditioned place. I didn’t see much of its wrinkle prevention.


I was quite anxious about the instant whitening effect at first because I might look like “Espasol” (Filipino rice cake covered in white powder). That’s what Filipinos used to say when your face color is not the same as your body color — My bf teases me when I look like that. But when I used this he said I look naturally white so its BF approved! It looks natural once fully absorbed. And I’ve been receiving great feedback from my officemates that my face looks brighter. And it somewhat gives me a naturally glow. Thank you for this Some by Mi! It did brighten up and softened my skin (permanently) with continued use. Okay so I gave in, I need this cream in my life!

Where to buy: Php 1673.00 / $32.10 at Stylekorean

H7 Hydro Max Cream

It is a gel type moisturizer that melts on you face. It feels heavy upon application but super hydrating. Tacky and absorption is quite slow for a gel type.It said to contain tons of humectant (hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient) so this one is surely very hydrating! My skin feels extra plumped when I woke up! I don’t use this in the morning because I don’t have much time to wait for it to be fully absorbed. The smell is not the strong too, a bit on the citrus side. Packaging wise the size is just right. Its travel size friendly. I like creams that is on a tube because its more hygienic.

I want to share with you the trick I did, so I found out it’s absorbed faster when stored in the fridge.


I would recommend this cream to those who need serious hydration but doesn’t mind if it takes awhile to be fully absorbed. Maybe try to put it in the fridge? For now, I’m still sticking to my HG one since it has the same effect but is easily absorbed & not that tacky too.

Where to buy: Php 2032 .00 / $39.00 at Stylekorean

AHA BHA PHA 30 days miracle toner

Tips on how to use:

  • Use low ph cleanser to to maximize the effect of actives.
  • Use a hydrating product after as its a bit drying because of the mattifying effect.
  • Recommended Waiting time is 20 minutes for the actives to work its glory.

Weekly Updates:

Week 1

  • Dried out my current pimples
  • No purging still

Week 2

  • Purging starts. 2 pimps on forehead
  • 1 on jaw line
  • Overnight healed

Week 3 

  • Lessen usage because I started purging (added spot trouble essence, iunik tea tree on somedays)
  • Mini pimples started to come out on my cheeks. (this is where I don’t normally have pimples). Changed my routine & stopped using it. Once healed I’ll us the toner again.
  • Improved roughness on my forehead

Week 4 – in progress



Smells straight up menthol. Starts to tingle once it has been absorbed by my skin. Mostly on parts where I have clogged pores. It also stings on open wounded acne. It dries up quick and is not tacky at all, has a bit of mattifying effect that may be drying for some. This toner is not hydrating enough as actives are tend to be drying specially BHAs so its advisable to have a hydrating product after. I use my favorite toner Vita B5 and Snail Azulene Essence.

It purges your impurities out! (Yes don’t be intimidated with this word. This is good though as it pushes your impurities out) Expect it on the 2nd – 3rd week to come out. On my experience, I get only little pimples and whiteheads/blackheads coming out, some cystic ones when it was that time of the month but this one does not get inflammed as I treat it immediately and the toner aids in drying this up too. I love that the roughness on my forehead that I’m constantly battling is gone.

On the third week of usage, purging starts to bring out more pimples in so I stopped using it for some days and treated it with some anti-flammatory products. (Innisfree Bija Spot Treatment, Iunik tea tree serum). So basically once I purge, I changed my routine to products that has tea tree and centella goodness to aid in healing my pimples. Once healed I started using this toner again. This strategy worked better for me as I use it as a normal actives in my routine which I should not overuse. I use this usually at night as I have no time to wait in the morning. BHA needs to have a waiting time of 20 mins before you proceed in your next routine for it to work its glory.

I also sent some to my sister who has extreme case in acne. She says it dries up her pimples too. She still gets pimples from time to time but it doesn’t stay longer than usual. She asked me to give her more too. So I guess we’ll be repurchasing this product as we are already half way through it and I’m actually enjoying it because we’re seeing results. We are not down to the 30 days so I’ll continue to use it and I’ll let you know If I got that glass skin they are raving about.

Where to buy: Php 1784 .00 / $34.24 at Stylekorean

**Started using this Sept 5. (skipped some days as mentioned on my review above) so it’s not yet on the 30th day so I will be uploading my pictures once I reached my 30 days usage.

AHA BHA PHA 30 day Miracle Soap

I’ve been battling with Bacne from some time now so I used this on my back and chest. I love that this soap does not melt easily. On my 2nd week of using it, you can still see the miracle engraved on it. For this soap, I didn’t experience any purging effect. I don’t get bacnes often now and if I do it somehow helped it calm down. It didn’t fully prevent it as I still get some. As a final verdict I didn’t repurchase it and I did found a better alternative which is the @oxecure sulfur soap.

It smells like menthol which explains that cooling effect which I love. And its not that drying too. I feel like it gently exfoliates my back making my skin smoother than usual. As with my acne marks, they are still very much visible so don’t expect too much on that.


**Started using this Sept 8, I’ll be updating this blogpost for my before and after picture once I’ve finished my 30 days. Currently my 21st day.

Where to buy: Php 975.00 / $18.72 at Stylekorean

These products was sent to me by Style Korean in an exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for this opportunity!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sophie says:

    I love your review on this! uh I have questions for the rose somebymi tone up cream.. do it affect your acnes ? do you see any new pimples while using it or the pimples get lighter ? pls answer tysm . sorry for my bad grammar btw TT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chamidiaries says:

      For me, it doesn’t give me new pimples. Pimples Lighter? not really, I would still prefer to use vit c/niacinamide serums to lighten my acne scars. Pls note that use this only in the morning as it is not advised to be used at night/overnight. 😍 hope this helps Sophie ☺️


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