Caryophy – A fresh and natural brand. It embodies the purity of the world and transparency of nature

Caryophy Portulaca Ampoule

A highly concentrated ampoule that provides nutrients for problematic skin. It forms a moisturizing film to protect skin moisture and helps in the absorption of active ingredients to make skin healthy.


  • Treats acne
  • Helps to tighten pores
  • No side effects, allergies, dry skin, flaking skin, and irritation
  • Reduce swelling redness pain after 2 days
  • Skin lightening from deep inside
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially troubled skin


Main Ingredients:

caryophy - main ingredients

  1. Portulaca Oleracea – Reduces skin irritation, superior moisture retention, prevents dryness, high-anti inflammatory effect.
  2. Artemisia Capillaris – Balance of oil content, relaxes sensitive skin.
  3. Centella Asiatica – Helps heal wounds, soothes and relieves skin irritation.

Other notable ingredients: Chrondus Crispus, Sugarcane, Anthemis Nobilis Flower, Propolis, Madecassoside.


Full Ingredient List:

Purified water, propanediol, glycerin, Denatured alcohol, 1.2-hexanediol, carrageenan extract, sugar cane extract, chamomile flower extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Tarragon extract,  lemongrass extract, propolis extract, methyl gluceth-20. Choleth-24, caprylyl glycol, butylene glycol, sodium citrate, citric acid, xanthan gum Disodium EDTA, madecassosid.

Where to buy: It will be available soon at JOLSE (

Chami’s Thoughts:

Skin Type: Oily, Acne-Prone

First Impression:

The name of the brand is very new to me so I don’t actually know what to expect. Since I’m not very familiar with the name, I have to look at the product to remember what its called. The ingredients (Portulaca and Artemesia) is new to me as well.  I haven’t read anything about this upon trying the product just to have a non-biased opinion. I had approximately 2 weeks to test the product.



  • Green-colored clear glass bottle (10 mL) that comes with a dropper.
  • Although the glass is clear, you can’t really see how much product is left because of the label.
  • Love that it has a PAO (period after opening) which is 12 Months.
  • Not international-friendly (if there’s even a word for that) – The full list of ingredients is in Korean so you would need to install an app that translates images to English or search it in the internet. I find this very important because most people are sensitive to some ingredients so checking the full list should be the first priority in buying a product.

Scent & Texture: 

  • Very minimal herby scent. I can’t barely smell it so its definitely good for those who are sensitive to smell/fragrance.
  • Texture is watery. Very light-weight when applied to the skin.

Usage, experience and effects on my skin:

I incorporate this ampoule using my basic skincare routine (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) just to see the full effect. I used it day and night for 2 weeks. I pat it all over my face  on my normal routine and sometimes a spot treatment. I put more on areas where I have breakouts.

caryophy - main ingredients (1)
Shot by Samsung S8 Plus
  • Before trying this ampoule, I had 2 inflamed pimples on my chin. It calmed down in the morning. It’s not completely gone but it flattened and was painless. The combo I used was this ampoule and pimple patches.
  • It can also be a great spot treatment since an ampoule is a super-charged serum with active ingredients. And this product is designed for fighting acne while retaining moisture.
  • Gentlest anti-acne product I tried. It has a high concentration of active ingredients that is not drying. Usually spot treatments or anti-acne products are commonly drying.
  • Does not sting at all! I have an open wounded pimple and I placed the ampoule and its not painful. Amazing!
  • It has a watery consistency so it is easily absorbed by my skin. Since its light-weight, I have no problems using it during the day.
  • Using this regularly, combined with my moisturizer gave me a dewy smooth complexion and minimized pores I might say. Please do note that the effect I experienced did not happen overnight, I used it religiously day and night.
  • I did not see some changes on my dark spots though.
  • I’ve tried it with different moisturizer and I found out that it doesn’t complement aloe vera gels. It becomes tacky when combined.

Chami Approved?

Yes! I was actually not expecting much from this product since its very new to me. But there are a lot of things that made me love it! Like how watery and fast absorbing it is that I can use it during the day! It complements my acne-prone skin very well. With religious use, it made my skin dewy, smooth and noticed my pores minimized. But since its an ampoule, you should only use this when you having breakouts or if you need some soothing/calming. I might actually buy a full size if it comes in a toner form. Overall, my skin is loving it so its a yes for me, Chami Approved!

This product is sent to me by Jolse in exchange for an honest review.

A gentle reminder to all that we each have a different skin.

“What worked for me may not work for you and vise versa.”

YMMV! (Your Mileage May Vary)


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