Complete Asian Skin Care Routine


The basics of skincare routine summarized into 5 steps.

Clean > Exfoliate > Nourish > Hydrate > Protect

Skincare products are best applied from thinnest to thickest, with the final layers providing increased barrier function in your skin. As a beginner, it’s hard to follow which order comes first in your routine. But remember the 5 basic steps and your all good.

When I was just starting, I was confused as hell on which to use first. I just know the basic (Cleanser – Toner – Moisturizer – Sunblock) so I researched on the complete list of routines out there and the closest one I saw was from “Mapple Tree Blog“. I tweaked it a bit and added more steps and details.

Hope this helps. A complete step by step skin care routine using the same categorization Sophie used: (beginners/ veteran / optional).

Special mention to @mapletreeblog and @theskinthusiasts for the additional info!




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