It’s my First Blogiversary

A year ago, this shy girl created this blog just share her thoughts and reviews to strangers who shared the same interest. (Makeup, Skincare, Harry Potter and definitely Shopping!)

This was intended to be her “safe place” where she can be whoever she wants to be, say what she wants to say.

Happy Anniversary to my baby, “The Quarter-Life Crisis”. (EST June 22, 2017)

wordpress anniv

OMG! I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long. No, just kidding! It’s been a hella ride writing stuffs, reviews and being able to freely share my thoughts and opinions to this “safe space”.

What pushed you to create this blog?

I was obsessed with makeup and shopping when my friend first introduced me to this FB Group for Beauty Stuff. The TMUR (The MakeUp Revolution) Group in Facebook! Where you can ask for advice/recommendations, what products to use, what products are hyped, product reviews and sellers (All in one place!). You will discover a lot of girls who have the same skin problems as you are! If you’re on that group, you’d see me commenting on some post and advising products that worked for me. So basically, I wanted a platform where I can share all my reviews in one place. So I created this blog! And it changed my life forever. I love you Skin Care! I’m sorry it took me so long to realize how important you are!

When/Where did I wrote my first blog post?

I was riding an uber on my way to the office when I wrote my first blog. It was just on the wordpress app using my Phone. And with my boyfriend’s blessing, I decided to take the leap, buy a laptop and write!

Why hide it?

On the first months, I only shared this blog to a couple of my close friends and family.  Just baby steps until I was able to share it with everyone! (In Facebook) It started when I’d link my post to twitter so only a few number of my friends will be able to see it. Then I tried posting it in my Instagram stories. It took time before I was able to share it in Facebook. It was mixed thoughts for I’ll be an open book to all who knew me.

There was this fear of people judging you, joke about what you do, make fun of what you’d write, your grammar, your pictures, even just posting anything and plugging it in your social media. Just the thought of them saying “Pa-Famous” (feeling famous), “Arte naman this girl” (no haters so far! HAHAHA). But then the brave girl in me didn’t care.

So far my blog reached 68 countries already, wow! Thanks everyone!

2018 stats

I did not create this just so people would like me and be famous or shit! This has been my passion and my outlet for the past couple of months. It helped me a lot during those times where I doubted myself. It helped me during my quarter-life crisis, as I have named this blog. Knowing that someone have read your blog posts and that it helped them in any way. It’s a great pride and joy.

Thank you for taking time to read this!

Happy Anniversary again to my blog!



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