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swatches - peripera

If you read my blog last January, I reviewed the ink velvets from Peripera. (ink, cloud and airy) And recently, I was able to purchase two new shades from ink velvet. (#14 Beauty Peak Rose & #6 Celeb Deep Rose)

Peripera Ink Velvet Review

I will be sharing with you the swatches I have for all my Peripera Ink Velvets.

Peri’s Ink Velvet 

Shade: #14 Beauty Peak Rose

(Peach coral shade) *peachy on first apply, pinkish when dries out


Shade: #7 Dollish Beige Rose

(Pink Rose shade) *Color turns bright pink when dries out


Shade: #14 Celeb Deep Rose (Personal Favorite)

(Subtle rose shade)  *appears darker when swatched on the skin.


Cloud Ink Velvet 

Shade: #5 Reddish Rose

(red orange shade) *same color when it dries out, bright warm red color.


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