Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery | FREE Energy Balls

hogwarts mystery

Hogwarts Mystery is every potterheads’ dream of being able to study and experience magic in Hogwarts. But there is a downside playing this mobile game, you can’t continue your quest without ENERGY BALLS!

And as we go through every year, you’ve probably lost your patience waiting for the energy balls to recharge every 4 minutes! So here it is! Let me share with you some tips on how to get FREE ENERGY BALLS! 

 There are a total of 9 items that you can click for extra energy balls:

*Take note that it spawns around 4-5 hours per day.

1. Castle Grounds • Twig fetched by little Fang

2. Dungeons • Dobby at the Corridor

3. Lower Floor – West • middle soldier holding a sword

4. Lower Floor – West • Candle is not lit

5. West Towers • The Plant/Tree Painting beside Gryffindor Common Room

6. East Towers • Hazy Painting beside Charms Classroom

7. East Towers • Peeves (The weird orange ghost)

8. Lower Floor -East • Unorganized books beside the Library

*available only on your Second Year – up.

9. Hogsmeade • A kid on the sleigh between the shops.

Hope this helps! 💛🖤

If you have any other tips, please share them or comment below!

Thank you! 😘

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