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Déjà Poo • The feeling that you’ve done this before, only this time it smells better.

Déjà Poo is an all-natural pre-poo spray by keevaessentials that is safe for the skin, the toilet and the environment. It traps embarrassing bathroom odors. So if you have to go, no one else will know. 🙈🙉🙊

My friend was bragging about this product when she came home after a trip. We were skeptical at first but we bought each for ourselves out of curiosity. I bought the green tea scent because I’m not a fan of minty and sweet scents like vanilla.

I was so excited to poo in the office because I wanted to try if it really works. So beforehand, I sprayed it on the toilet water and then do the “deed”. And SHIT! My poop smells like effin green tea! Why didn’t I heard of this before!?

I’ve never felt so comfortable doing the deed on public places specially in the office until this came along. I always bring the 10mL travel size that will definitely fit in my kikay kit. This is really an essential and a great gift that I can share with my friends.

It comes in two variants, 10 mL and 60 mL glass bottles. I really like the design of the package, it’s very classy and feminine. They currently have 5 scents available in their site (


  • Vanilla – very sweet scent
  • Mint– smells like you just finished brushing your teeth / efficascent-like smell
  • Green tea – fresh and vibrant! Definitely feminine! (Favorite!)
  • Tangerine – the citrus scent is not that overpowering so the smell is nice.
  • Grapefruit – Not available in beautyMNL

Where to buy: 


  • 10mL ~ Php 120.00
  • 60mL ~ Php 235.00 (I was able to buy it at Php 176.00 since it was on sale)

Me and my friends have tried it all except the grapefruit. And green tea is definitely our favorite. It’s very fresh and vibrant.

It’s already our second order in beautyMNL. I hope they would be able to produce a more manly/unisex scent because mint is the only manly scent I could give my boyfriend and guy friends. I suggest they try Rose, Jasmine, Bamboo or Aloe. They are great scents too.


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