Skin Care | My TMUR Adventure 


I never invested in skin care products until my friend added me in TMUR (The Makeup Revolution PH). It pretty much changed the way I take care of my skin. I only invest money on makeup rather than skin care but as we all know prevention is better than cure.

So then, I started to make my way through the Korean skin care routine.

Here are the products I tried:


  • Snow Soap – I like how it sucks up all the oil in my face. But then it didn’t prevent my breakouts. It made my skin lighter but then I needed more because I have acne prone skin.

 Natur Republic Aloe vera soothing gel

  • Nature Republic Aloe vera soothing gel – OMG holy grail! It’s really a hype thing in TMUR so I tried it and I’m so glad I did. It has a lot of use for me but mostly I use it as moisturizer. I’m in my second tub already. Watch out for my review. 


  • iWhite products – The good thing about iWhite is it has sachet versions that you can buy to test if it works on you. Even the full sized versions are super cheap! I bought the facial wash and purifying kit. It works good on me considering its price. Watch out for my review. 



  • Cosrx products – So far this is the most expensive product I bought. I have the Salicylic acid exfoliating cleanser and the Natural BHA skin returning a-sol. I’ve read so many good reviews about this so I tried it. After a month, I noticed a great difference in my skin. My skin actually improved. It has lesser breakouts, lesser oil and the A-sol dries out my pimps quickly. Will definitely try more COSRX product! Review Here.
  • The Ordinary products – I haven’t bought any but I’m planning too. I read a lot of great feedbacks from my TMUR guuurls. So I’m planning to try the Caffeine solution for the dark circles. And some other solutions for blemishes.


Being in TMUR changed me a lot. I became more conscious of my skin and also I spent a lot of money because of it. Hahahahaha! But I don’t regret it because I was able to meet a lot of mamshies who shares the same passion and problems. And the most important part is I learned and was able to share reviews of the products I used. It is one of the reasons why I put up this blog. So that I could share my experiences.

Sharing is caring. ❤️💄💋

Big thaaaanks TMUR family


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