Finally! My Hayley hair


For those who are wondering who’s Hayley. She is no other than Hayley Williams from Paramore.


Yes, I’m a BIG fan of PARAMORE! And red shade hair will always be my first love because of her. ❤️❤️❤️ I am not really aiming for the super vibrant red like what Hayley has coz I don’t want my hair to be bleached. I just like a simple and not shocking kind of red shade. I’ve already tried the colors: medium auburn revlon,  red but not bleached and copper red. But this one (Autumn chestnut) I like best.

June 25, 2017 marked my longest hair. A milestone for me because I never let my hair that long because of split ends. Big thanks to TREsemmé. And after more than a year, I finally had the time to cut it off. Actually the promo from Cre8 salon forced me too. 😂😂

I had my hair cut and hair color for only Php 598.00. BREAKDOWN:Haircut  ~ Php 100.00

  • Hair color (monotones color only, bleaching not included)  ~ Php 498.00

My last attempt for a Hayley hair didn’t last for a month considering that I payed Php 1000 for it (that’s a different salon). So we’ll see the longevity of the color treatment in Cre8 Salon. According to the salon guy they are using Organique for their color treatment so it’s a good quality.

New hair color: [5.4] Soft Autumn chestnut

P.S. To Eugene of cre8 salon (Guadalupe Branch), good job on the color! I looove it!! Thank you! ❤️

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